President abolishes individual benefits for import of food products

Date: 17.01.2018

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev abolished individual customs, tax and other benefits, as well as other preferences granted to certain economic entities for import of food products into Uzbekistan from 1 February 2018.

The head of Uzbekistan signed a decree “On measures to further ensure food security of the country”.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev also banned the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan to adopt decisions to provide individual customs, tax and other benefits, as well as other preferences to legal entities to import food products into the country.

The decree said that in case of violation of the requirements of this paragraph, the perpetrators will be punished in line with the legislation and criminal cases can be opened against them.

The President instructed to develop a set of measures for 2018 to find and attract food suppliers, create equal conditions for them to enter the market, assist them in concluding contracts, transport and store imported products, as well as other measures aimed at full satisfaction of the population’s demand for high-quality, affordable food products.

Uzbek leader ordered to create specialized warehouses, storage facilities, refrigerating chambers, modern high-technology, energy-efficient equipment for processing and packaging of food products in all regions of Uzbekistan on the terms of public-private partnership.

Starting from 1 February 2018, the ban on the sale (purchase) of consumer goods on commodity exchanges of Uzbekistan was canceled.

Also, sugar producers are released till 1 January 2019 from the payment of value added tax in part of the volumes produced on the basis of imported raw materials.

For sale (purchase) of consumer goods in open electronic tenders of commodity exchanges, there is no need for a license for wholesale trade, the decree said.

Import of socially important types of food products at expense of the Fund for Promotion of Price Stabilization in Internal Consumer Market is carried out in exceptional cases and only through a system of open electronic trading of commodity exchanges, including foreign exchanges, the decree underlined.

Detailed information on planned purchases of food products, income and expenditure of the Fund’s funds will be published monthly on the Single Portal of Interactive Public Services of the Republic of Uzbekistan.






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