President gets acquainted with the state of cotton development

Date: 29.08.2018

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev visited the farm field "Yusupov Gofurjonfayz" in Bekabad district of Tashkent region. In an interview with farmers in Tashkent region, the issue of planting cotton in double rows with an interval of 60 centimeters between them, quality performance of agrotechnical measures, and cotton processing was discussed.

“Our drawback is that we do not apply science in agriculture. The world market is ruthless competition. First of all, a scientific approach is necessary for success. We need new varieties, good care, innovative technologies. The dekhkans, who started to cultivate the field, must necessarily go into profit,” the President said.

In the current year, the farm "Yusupov Gofurjonfais" has grown grain on 31 hectares of land and from each hectare collected more than 71 centners of the crop. Currently, cotton is grown on more than 47 hectares. The harvest is expected at a level of more than 35 centners per hectare.

The farmer concluded contracts for the export of mung beans, beans, as well as potatoes and carrots for the domestic market.

“We are switching to a cluster method in agriculture, providing financial support to farmers. Today we will help you, tomorrow you will help the people,” the head of state said.





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