The Strategy for the Development of Agriculture for 2020-2030 was approved

Date: 24.10.2019

The Presidential with his decree approved the Strategy for the Development of Agriculture of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2020-2030. In accordance with the Decree, one of the priority areas for the implementation of the Strategy is the development and implementation of the state policy on food security, which provides for food safety, the production of food products in the required quantity.

Also, the Decree approved the composition of the Coordinating Council for the implementation of the Strategy.

The Ministry of Agriculture is determined by the working body of the Coordinating Council.

The Coordination Council organizes full, timely and high-quality implementation of the Strategy, and will also conduct continuous monitoring of the achievement of the established indicators.

At the same time, in order to ensure the full and timely execution of the tasks provided for in this Decree, a responsible department will be created in the structure of the Ministry of Agriculture.

According to the Decree, the Agency for the implementation of projects in the field of agriculture and food security was transferred to the Ministry of Agriculture.





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